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How to use Zoom

We cover the content of the course in the same way as in the classroom with us – don’t worry.

You won’t fall behind!


We will use video meeting software called Zoom to teach you while the school is closed.

Your first lesson will include an introduction to Zoom and how to use it.  

Please look at this vocabulary before your first lesson.

You will need 

  • A computer, laptop or phone
    If possible, use a laptop or computer, not a phone.
    If you are on a phone you can still fully participate in the class but it will be easier to navigate Zoom with a mouse and keyboard, and the teacher can do more activities with you. 

  • Headphones

  • A stable internet connection

  • Your student book / workbook / notebook / pen / pencil (the same as if you were coming to class in the school)

How to join your class on your computer/laptop

  • 1. Your teacher or the school will send you an email with a link to your Zoom class. Click on this link.
    (It is also possible to join a class by going to the Zoom website – Click “Join a meeting.” Enter the Meeting ID in the email from your teacher.)

  • 2. If the computer asks you to download an App, say ‘Open Zoom’ or download from here:  and choose "Zoom Desktop Client"

  • 3. Enter your name. (Use your full name not a nickname. Nicknames will be deleted.) 

pasted image 0.png
  • 4. (Only the first time) Click ‘I agree' to the terms and conditions.

  • 5. Click ‘Join with Computer Audio’ to connect your microphone.

pasted image 0 (1).png

If you arrive before the teacher, you will see the screen below. You can test your audio:

pasted image 0 (2).png

How to join your class on your phone


3. The email from your teacher has a meeting ID. Type it in the box at the top. In the example,

this is 404 241 287.

4. Type your name in the other box. 

5. Click ‘Join meeting’.

The first time you join, you must:


Click ‘I agree' to the terms and conditions.

Give Zoom permission to access your microphone, camera, and storage space. Click ‘Got it’.

We don’t plan to use recordings of Zoom sessions. It is your choice if you click ‘Deny’ or ‘Allow’ on the next window. This message will be in your language.

The class

Once the class starts you will see and hear the teacher, and see (but not hear) the other students. Sometimes the video is off – don’t worry, the teacher will switch it on for you.

When you first enter the room your microphone will be muted. Your teacher will turn your microphone on and off at different times in the lesson. When the teacher turns on your microphone, the teacher and the other students will be able to hear you.

The teacher will show you materials on the screen, including pictures, audio and videos.

You will work as a whole class and in smaller groups.

Sometimes the teacher will turn off the video and/or the audio.

You will be able to ask the teacher questions by speaking to them or typing. 

Your teacher will give you homework as normal.

This is what the bottom of your computer screen will look like (once you’re in the ‘classroom’,

if you can’t see this menu, try touching the screen / moving the mouse). 


On your phone, you need to click Participants, then ‘Chat’ to see the written conversation in the lesson. Sometimes the teacher will ask you to write in the chat.

If there is a problem in the middle of the class (for example, everything stops), please try to join the class again. If this doesn’t work, check your email – the teacher will send you new information.


Find a quiet place where you can sit for the lesson with no distractions.

If you are using a phone consider setting it to ‘do not disturb’.

The sound will be clearer if you use headphones. If your headphones have a microphone, that’s great. If they don’t have a microphone, this is not a problem, just use your phone / laptop microphone.

Join the class 10 minutes before it starts to check everything is working so we can start on time.

If you are late, don’t worry – you can still join the class. If you have technical problems, reply to the teacher’s email with your class link, and they will try to help you.

If you are using a phone the app will drain your battery very quickly.  Make sure it is fully charged before the lesson. 

Zoom will run better if you close all other programmes / apps on your phone or computer. 

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